BRITAX B AGILE Double Stroller video Review

This is video review for Britax B agile double stroller. The best twin stroller for me and my twins.

You should consider to buy it, one thing you need to care is price. It’s so high when compare with other stroller, but about quality, it’s the best of the best.

This product can be used for twins or for two babies not same age. Every thing fine if you have a boy, a girl or one little baby and elder baby.



How To Buy A Best Baby Jogging Stroller

How to look for a perfect jogging stroller for purchase?


You must be thinking to buy a perfect jogging stroller by now. So, we summarize some important features that should be considered while buying a jogging stroller

JPMA Security Certification

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is the association that tests the safety features of all products and certifies it only if they fulfill the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. So if you need to buy a jogging stroller, ask the store keeper about the JPMA Security Certification of the item.

Pneumatic tri-wheels

Make sure the wheels of the jogging stroller are air-filled for smooth maneuver. You also need to check the pressure of the tires on regular basis.

Harness level

Just like the infant car seats, the jogging stroller should have five point harness level that includes over the shoulders and between the legs and hips. This is necessary for safety of your baby in the seat.


Tether strap

A tether strap that can be worn around the wrist and attached to the stroller back on the other end ensures safety and prevents the free maneuvering of the stroller especially when you are caught up in traffic.

Effective Parking brakes

Make sure that the parking brakes of your jogging stroller are strong enough to hold the stroller in place when it is parked somewhere.

Full size Canopy

Direct exposure to sunlight and heat is not healthy for your baby. Buy a jogging stroller with a full size canopy to protect your baby inside from the sun rays. The canopy should have a Peek-a-boo window, so that the parents can keep an eye on their baby while jogging.

Additional features

Like standard strollers, you should look for a jogging stroller that possesses some extra features like Underneath storage basket for baby’s stuff and toys that you might need while you are out for jogging with your baby. The storage basket should be under the seat, so that the stroller does not tip over due to weight of the stuff inside. Another feature that could be very handy for you is bottle holder for the parents. You will surely need to drink water when exhausted due to jogging or doing some exercise. You can carry your drink bottles along with you in the stroller.

Easy folding

Because of their designing, the jogging strollers cannot be folded to ground, but you should still look for a stroller that can be folded and carried easily.


What Is Jogging Stroller And Why You Should Buy One?

Only after pregnancy, mothers are able to restart their regular exercise schedule. For these moms, jogging baby stroller is a good choice to maintain health and regain previous physique before pregnancy. A jogging stroller can also be a replacement to the childcare expenses which you would have to pay while doing fitness exercises. Furthermore, if your baby grows up to develop strong neck muscles that are enough to handle the jogging stress, then you will surely find it convenient to take them with you on jogging.

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What is a Multi-Purpose Stroller

Here we will let you know some factors and features of a jogging stroller that will make you to buy one.

Safety advice for Jogging with your baby

The pediatricians’ advice parents to allow their baby to develop enough neck muscles and core muscles strength before they take them out on jogging with them. According to them, a baby needs to grow up at least 8 weeks before his parents make him to sit in a stroller without infant car seat. On a more precise note, the specialists recommend to take babies out for jogging on a stroller only when they are at least 8 months old. Only then you can run or jog with them in a stroller.

A jogging stroller and a standard stroller are not the same

You cannot use a standard stroller for jogging purposes for safety reasons. A standard lacks the safety bearers that can reduce the effect of jarring shocks that could happen when strolling over uneven surfaces with the baby inside. Bumps in the path, uneven or non-paved sidewalks can be a serious hazard to your young baby, if you take him in a standard stroller for jogging purposes. Jogging strollers are pretty safe for your baby in this case since it has air filled or pneumatic wheels which are bigger in size compared to those of standard strollers.

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Looking for best twin stroller?

Jogging Stroller wheels can reduce the bumping impact

Generally the diameter of the rear wheels is about 16″, while that of the front wheels is 12″. These bigger tires can roll over bumps quite easily without causing much stress to the baby. The air filled in the wheels absorbs the shocks that could be produced due to bumps and also reduce the rolling resistance for convenient maneuver.


Jogging strollers have efficient suspension system

The jogging baby strollers are specially designed to absorb the effect of shocks while you roll it on a rugged surface. The front wheel has a lock to avoid wobbling on uneven surfaces. This feature is not present in a standard baby stroller, which can cause strong vibrations and uneasiness to the baby inside. When you lock the front wheel of the jogging stroller, you not only avoid the vibrations to the stroller movement but you can also avoid tipping of the stroller that could be a serious risk to your baby inside. Locking the front wheel in a perfect straight position can also assist you to run straight a bit faster for jogging purposes.

Reclined seat in jogging stroller also reduces stress to the baby

As compared to that of a standard stroller, the seat of the jogging stroller is reclined a bit more to reduce the stress on your baby inside. The reclined seat is almost in the upright position to reduce the impact of shock all over the stroller for the ease of the baby inside.

You can use your jogging stroller as a standard stroller too

We stated earlier that a standard stroller cannot fulfill the purpose of a jogging stroller since it lacks the safety or shock absorbing features (see more here). But you will be glad to know that you can use your jogging stroller as an ordinary stroller and you can take it to the mall for shopping purposes or to the park for a walk.